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Meseguer & Sucesores, S.A., through their websites sitiosweb-costarica and misChunches®, is a digital web design agency in Costa Rica specialized in websites design that are focused on communicating in a clear, attractive and effective way the services and products you offer to help you give a better image and sell more.

With a long history of building cutting-edge, professional websites, we deliver solutions since 2001 that reflect your brand and support your business goals.

are we

Meseguer & Sucesores, S.A. is a web design agency servicing Costa Rica since 2001.


To enhancing the business growth of our customers with Creative Web Design that creates value and consistent competitive advantage for our clients.


Meseguer & Sucesores, S.A. will become the preferred company in Costa Rica for the development of websites.

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This is what our customers say about misChunches® web design services:


"Thanks to misChunches' services we have grown and continue growing nationally and internationally. Not to mention about their very accessible prices and the quality in speed and designs. We are very grateful and always recommend the excellent service of misChunches."

Di. Mauro Herrera, Di. Víctor Herrera, Owners Mangas V1B

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